Featured History Blog Posts- July 2013

Starting this month, History Republic will be featuring different history blog posts from the blogosphere, as well as outlining our posts that we’ve written recently. Alright, here we go….

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History Republic: Posts and Series July 2013

Barbarian Bodyguards: The Varangian Guard of Byzantium– Emperors have always feared their own bodyguards. It’s ironic, but there’s much to fear from the people who provide the monarchs with security. The Macedonian Emperor Basil found a solution to his problem, however, in the barbaric Viking-made Varangian Guard.

The Deity ‘Pepsi Challenge’: King Clovis and His Gods– What if kings gave gods a ‘Pepsi Challenge’ style test? Well, King Clovis of the Franks did something quite like that.

Thunder of the East- Chinese Gunpowder– It’s a well known fact that while guns and cannon seem to be the weapon of choice of the West, it was actually invented in China and reached the West through Silk Road trade. However, the misconception is that the Chinese simply used gunpowder for purposes like setting off fireworks. The truth, though, is that the Chinese not only produced some sound from their invention of gunpowder, but also used them as fearsome weapons.

Series: The Mughals- Conquerors of India

History Republic looks into the history of the Mughal dynasty of India. Click here for the first post.

Series: The Tudors-The Blossom of England

History Republic looks into the history of the Tudor dynasty of England. Click here for the first post.

History Republic’s Selections from the Blogosphere

Over at our partner site, The Forum, author Joseph writes about Haiti and the Louisiana Purchase, offering a brief but clear and detailed overview of how the Haitian Revolution affected the Louisiana Purchase.

At Digs and Docs, a post is written about the single greatest loss of life in Birmingham, titled Remembering the Dead in Birmingham”.

At Doble Cero, author Enrique Villalba Diez writes about the Roman conquest of Spain, first in Spanish, and then in English. The post is titled ‘The Propetor Who Faced Rome’. 

Did you know that taking selfies aren’t a new generation thing at all? In an interesting post titled 16th Century Selfies” by Lee Rimmer, we get to see how painted selfies were being commissioned sine early Renaissance times.

At the blog A Modern Girl, we get to see the author’s experiences at Chuson Ji, Temple of the Fujiwara Clan.

Thank you readers for reading us this month. We’ll continue writing history posts for you!


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