Featured History Blog Posts- August 2013

Here’s a recap of our posts this month along with a gallery of featured blog posts from around WordPress.

History Republic: Posts and Series August 2013

History Republic Special Report: The Future British Monarch  by Stephanie reports on the birth of the new royal baby of the House of Windsor.

 The Courageous Charge of the Light Brigade by Ken recounts the ill fated but heroic mistake charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War.

Who’s Really the Last Roman Emperor? by Ken gives an overview of the candidates for the title of last Roman Emperor, from the well known Romulus Augustulus to the lesser known David Komnenos.

Series: The Mughals- Conquerors of India by Stephanie

Continued on from last month, this series talks about the history of the glorious Mughal dynasty of India. This month, we cover Jahangir and Shah Jahan.

Series: The American Modernization by Matt

Early on this month, we started a series about the rise of the United States. Check out its first post about Franklin D. Roosevelt here.

History Republic’s Selection from the Blogosphere

The Tangle of Medieval Medical ThoughtHere’s an interesting introduction to medieval medical thought by E.C Ambrose.

The Evolution of the Umbrella: ‘What will we ever do without umbrellas?’ write Stan of the Greatest Stores blog. It’s an article on the history of the umbrella

Bosnia and HerzegovinaA short documentation of the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina along with great photos from the blogger’s travels.

The Importance of Historiography: Historiography is the history of history. Why is this important? Nick Sacco writes an excellent piece arguing for historiography’s importance.

When Churches Have Civil Wars: nations might have civil wars, but what about churches?

Thank you to all readers for continuing to support HR this past month. We’re certainly not going to stop!



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