About Us

History is fascinating. It’s an exciting and endlessly interesting subject. It’s a shame, however, that history has to be enjoyed by so few; that our past, with stories often as dramatic as any Hollywood movie, is sometimes a subject only looked upon with interest by historians and devoted history fans.

That’s not the way it should be. History should be enjoyable by everyone. Our vision is simple: history is as enjoyable as action movie. But it has to be told the right way.

We also believe in the relevance of history. History isn’t about memorizing dates, it’s about understanding how what happened in the past shapes the world we live in today. People often say history is learned so that we can understand the lessons it teaches- but do we ever think about what lessons history actually teaches?

Here at History Republic, we write popular history articles that are exciting and informative. We’re not interested in writing a scholarly paper for university. We’re simply fans of history who are passionate about the subject and want to write and share history in a way that captivates interest. We also want to analyze global affairs and current events through a historical lens, so that it is clear that history continues to be a relevant subject.

The Team

Ken L. is the director of History Republic. His historical writing revolves around European and Asian history, and also on analyzing global events through a historical lens. He is also a novelist and Thai political commentator and his personal blog can be found here.

Joe K. is a history and writing enthusiast. He has an obsession with American and European history. His main goal in life is to become a high school history teacher, and run education websites in his free time. Follow him on twitter @publishingminds.

Henrik T. is a scholar and history writer. He mainly writes about European history, particularly focusing on the Renaissance and Britain. Henrik also enjoys delving into modern politics, particularly in the United States.

Jin enjoys talking about war strategies, Japanese History, and governmental conflicts. He also plays tennis and has his own blog which has been quite successful while it was active. Dick in a box!

Our Name

Why are we named History Republic? No, it’s not that we have any secret agendas with endorsing political ideologies or political parties. The word ‘republic’ comes from the Latin res publica, which translates roughly as ‘public matter’. That’s what we believe here at History Republic; that history is something that everyone, the entire public, should be able to enjoy, instead of just a few who can bear long history books.

We hope you enjoy History Republic!