The French Turmoil: Vive La France!

The French Revolution frightened European countries by spreading ideas of enlightenment. This series covers the history of the French Revolution and Expansion, covering everything from The Estates and how they were set up all the way to the death of Napoleon Bonaparte I.

Part 1: The Estates 

Part 2: Economic and Political Influences

Part 3: The Estates General of 1789

Part 4: Storming of the Bastille I 

Part 5: Storming of the Bastille II

Part 6: The Great Fear and the Declaration of Rights

Part 7: Le Décapité One

Part 8: The Reign of Terror

Part 9: The Directory & Napoleon’s Coup

Part 10: The Reign of Napoleon (Coming Soon!)

The Reign of Napoleon img

Part 11: Conclusion

HR featured copy 2.006



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