Featured History Blog Posts- September 2013

Here’s a short recap of September’s posts and series as well as some articles from other WordPress blogs.

History Republic: Posts and Series September 2013

More ‘Last’ Roman Emperors by Ken takes us into the world of more possible ‘last’ Roman Emperors – we begin from Francis II and end at Mehmed VI.

Haiti and the Louisiana Purchase  by Joe looks into the Haitian Revolution leaders, such as Jean Jacques Dessalines and other vast men who could have affected this revolution.

Series: The Mughals- Conquerors of India by Stephanie.

The series finishes this month, looking into the life of Aurangzeb, the final well-known Mughal emperor, leaving behind a legacy and renowned kingdom for not only India to admire, but for the whole world.

Series: The French Turmoil- Vive La France! by Joe K.

This month, History Republic introduced a new series based on the French revolution and style of the government- beginning from the description of how people lived and has since introduced the generals of 1789.

History Republic’s Selection from the Blogosphere

Hotels in the Old West: Here’s an interesting walk through about hotels of old times along with a few pictures to give us a look of how hotels were then.

Thanks for sticking with History Republic and keeping us inspired to continue to write history!



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